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    Our website processes all transactions in US dollars (USD). Here’s what you need to know when making a payment:

    Currency Conversion:

    • If you are using an international credit/debit card or bank, the final amount reflected on your statement may vary due to currency exchange rates. Please consult your bank or credit card provider for information on their currency conversion rates and fees.

    Credit/Debit Cards:

    • Charging Process: Your credit/debit card will be charged by our financial service provider upon the completion of necessary verifications.
    • Order Processing: Your order will be processed once the payment has been authorized and verified.

    PayPal (Temporarily Unavailable):
    • External Processing: Payments via PayPal are processed externally. During checkout, you’ll be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.
    • Data Security: Your payment details remain secure with PayPal and are not shared with [Your Company Name].
    • Verification and Processing: Once PayPal confirms the verification, we will proceed with processing your order.

    Please Note:

    • We’re currently unable to accept PayPal payments. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working to restore this service as soon as possible.